Wedding Officiate Fees

While it is not unusual for experienced wedding officiants to charge between $300 and $600 per wedding, Dr. Carr has been able to keep his prices down.  This is especially important to couples who really need to save money during these difficult economic times.  This is possible since he is a full time Pastor. His basic wedding package which includes meeting with the couple as needed, helping with the wedding order, performing the wedding ceremony, signing the marriage license, filing the marriage license, and availability to the couple for questions is $200. There is a $50 charge for attending the rehearsal.  (It is not always necessary for the minister to attend the rehearsal if working with a wedding planner.)  Attending the rehearsal is usually possible unless there is a serious schedule conflict.

Total Fee for both Wedding Ceremony and Rehearsal is $250.

Since Dr. Carr lives in Greenville, Texas, if the wedding venue is more than 45 miles away, there may be a modest charge for travel. (Please do not let the cost be a prohibitive factor in contacting him.) Kelly Carr Texas Wedding OfficiantDownload the wedding information packet below.

Click here to download Dr. Carr’s Bio and Basic Wedding Vows and Ring Vows